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Site name Roundwood 1, Laverstoke
Site number 839
Burial codes 3001 3005 3021 3023 3025 3028 3030 3035 3036 3041 3048 3051 3065 3075 3084 3091 3098 3102 3111 3128 3141 3152 3153 3160 3181
14/1300bc-8/700bc A disc barrow with a mound containing c100 fragments of Bronze Age pottery (Beaker and urns) and a number of flint scrapers, some animal bone (sheep, pig, ox, red deer, badger, dog or wolf, and raven), and a bone implement (spatula?) in its main body, scraped up from nearby, and piled in bucket loads deducible from the lenticular section. Around the outer mound margin was cast the excavated clay and chalk rubble ditch material. The old ground surface of the barrow was burnt deep red at the centre around the burial pit. Three post holes suggested a pyre site (blackened post remains were still in the holes). The pit was dug after the cremation, was bucket shaped, contained burnt bone and charcoal, and possibly contained a female cremation.

There were 19 sherds from half an an Early Iron Age pot just above the rapid silting of the ditch. This suggests it is late in the period.
Remains/Period Y3
County Hampshire
Region S
National grid square SU
X coordinate 490
Y coordinate 480
Bibliographic source Crawford 1922b, Grinsell 1939c


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