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Site name Wouldham 1, Tonbridge and Malling
Site number 895
Burial codes 4005 4009 4021 4023 4025 4028 4030 4031 4043 4047 4051 4053 4065 4071 4081 4093 4097 4098 4103 4105 4106 4112 4124 4128 4141 4152 4153 4161 4181
2500bc-14/1300bc A bowl barrow with a causeway 7.5m wide in the ditch at the NW. The ditch was constructed in a series of arcs, was V-shaped and narrowed rapidly to a flat bottomed slot. The central pit was 0.75m in diameter and 38cm deep, cut into chalk and contained an assumed primary cremation of a probable female adult c20-45 beneath an inverted Wessex biconical urn with three horseshoe handles, packed around with earth, and covered by a layer of flint nodules. Scorch marks inside the urn showed that the bones had been put in the urn hot. There was no charcoal but there was earth, flint chalk and perhaps animal remains with the bones which had been crushed into small fragments. Four post holes around the pit probably supported a temporary mortuary structure c0.9m x 1.2m. This might have been an exposure platform, or it might have been set up over the burial pit after cremation, and then burnt down later as part of the funeral process.

There was an assumed secondary contracted inhumation of a male c19, on its right side, head to N, in an oval grave 1.05m x 0.6m x 0.45m deep covered by flints 3.66m east of the centre. The body was jammed in and associated with it was a naturally flaked flint on the pelvis, in shape like that of a small Early Bronze Age dagger.

In the central area were two other shallow pits covered with natural flints, but only containing chalk backfill. These (E and F) were dated on flint analysis to the Middle Bronze Age. Outside the ditch was a single well defined post hole, and a series of pits in the entrance area. These were 0.5m deep and contained chalk backfill and flint knapping debris.
Remains/Period Y4
County Kent
Region SE
National grid square TQ
X coordinate 724
Y coordinate 644
Bibliographic source Harrison 1982, Cruse and Harrison 1983, Grinsell 1992


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