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Site name Aylesford i-iii, Parish Field Gravel Pit, Tonbridge and Malling
Site number 905
Burial codes 4005 4009 4021 4023 4026 4028 4030 4035 4042 4046 4048 4051 4065 4075 4084 4091 4098 4104 4105 4111 4123 4127 4128 4143 4153 4156 4181
2500bc-14/1300bc Three flat graves were exposed in a gravel working. Interment 1 was in a grave 2.4m x 1.2m x 1.6m deep, oriented SW, a slightly crouched inhumation of an adult c20 buried on its right side. It was covered by a layer of dark brown mould mixed with small flints in which were fragments of burnt wood. Very narrow seams of burnt earth occurred throughout. At the bottom of the grave pit, below the skeleton, was a thin spreading of burnt earth and wood ashes in which were fragments of burnt animal bone, and a few grains of wheat. The burnt wood was identified as willow. At the east end of the grave a small piece of bronze was found on the floor, but assumed to have fallen from the covering of brown mould.

Interment 2 was 460m east of 1 and 4.6m below the present land surface, on top of bedrock, too fragmentary in survival to identify, and accompanied by a flat copper axe and 2 flat riveted daggers.

Interment 3 was in a tufa cist.
Remains/Period Y4
County Kent
Region SE
National grid square TQ
X coordinate 730
Y coordinate 590
Bibliographic source Evans 1880, James 1899, Gerloff 1975, Grinsell 1992


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