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Site name Radwell Ring Ditch I
Site number 921
Burial codes 4002 4005 4021 4023 4025 4028 4030 4035 4041 4048 4051 4065 4075 4081 4092 4098 4103 4111 4121 4123 4129 4143 4153 4161 4181
2500bc-14/1300bc A ring ditch with a continuous ditch and a cremation with other objects in an inverted collared urn of uncertain period 2m ENE of the centre. It was set in a pit cut 20cm deep into alluvial deposits and was 0.6m wide. A thin dark layer immediately below the rim suggested a covering to prevent spill during inversion. Accompanying the cremation were the remains of a jet and amber necklace with a bone finial which could be reconstructed as three lines of beads at the front narrowing to two at the side and then one line at the back of the neck. The jet beads were discs, some bevelled some not (94 recovered), ovate in three sizes (15), and a spacer for three lines of beads. There was one bone finial, and the amber beads comprised an ovate pendant, a finial button, a flat spacer and two sizes of ovate beads (9 complete, but many more probably crumbled away). There was also a toiletry article or awl, 6cm long, rounded at one end and pointed at the other.

The cremated remains were of two adults, a male and a female.
Remains/Period Y4
County Bedfordshire
Region SE
National grid square TL
X coordinate 11
Y coordinate 589
Bibliographic source Hall and Woodward 1977


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