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Site name Park Farm
Site number 962
Burial codes 4005 4009 4021 4023 4025 4028 4030 4035 4042 4046 4051 4065 4073 4084 4092 4098 4103 4106 4107 4108 4128 4143 4152 4153 4156 4181 4200
2500bc-14/1300bc A barrow of uncertain type possibly founded on an area of agricultural clearance indicated by shallow holes containing sarsen boulder fragments. However one group of sarsen boulders was found to overlie a group of crouched inhumations placed within an irregular penannular slot. These sarsens were interpreted as a remnant cairn, probably derived from field clearance during arable conversion on the chalkland.

Grave 1 contained the burial of a possible male adolescent c16, tightly crouched, head to SW, facing NW. Grave 2 contained 2 burials, one of an adult female c35, tightly crouched, head to SW, facing SE, and the other of an adult male c40, similarly placed, close to and partially overlying the first. The group appears to have been one deposit, and the bodies were fully articulated and complete. Few sherds and none stratified were found.

RC: from burial one HAR-3898 2850 +/- 90, burial two HAR-3884 2830 +/- 70, burial three HAR-3883 2920 +/- 70
Remains/Period Y4
County Berkshire
Region SE
National grid square SU
X coordinate 296
Y coordinate 814
Bibliographic source Richards 1986-90


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