6.0 Further Resources - dissemination of the Project

Key points
The production of accompanying materials extends the value of the Website.
The use of a CD-ROM allows the Website to be viewed independent of the Internet, overcoming some of the problems encountered in the classroom.
Teaching materials serve as a means of disseminating ideas and methods that have been tried and tested in the classroom.
The profile of the Museum as a resource for learning is raised and can become embedded in the curriculum.

Through the production of a range of resources we aim to disseminate the experience of Reticulum further into schools. Feedback from teachers and pupils who have taken part in the Project has been very encouraging and indicates that an archaeological approach to history teaching enhances the pupils' learning experience and helps lay the foundations of skills for lifelong learning.

'They have become confident in asking questions. They really enjoyed the project and are currently enthusing about our present history project and using skills learnt and applying these to investigating the Victorians.'
Warkworth Church of England First School

6.1 The book

A pupil book aimed at children who are just becoming fluent readers is in the pipeline. We have chosen to target this particular group because teachers have told us, and our own research indicates, that there is a shortage of good quality material available to this age group. The book will feature some of the material on the Website and link in with the CD-ROM.

6.2 Teacher pack

A large body of teaching materials - activity sheets, texts for use in the Literacy Hour, lesson plans, as well as the original Teacher Pack - now exists. These will be brought together to create a resource for teachers to use in conjunction with the Website and the pupil book.

6.3 CD-ROM

The CD-ROM will contain the Website and Teacher Pack and a 'virtual museum' based on the 'Trading Game'. This will make the site accessible offline, thus increasing its usefulness in schools since it will run off any computer independent of networking. Because the restraints imposed on the Website don't apply to the CD-ROM we will be able to include additional activities such as more elaborate games and quizzes.

A publisher has been found who will produce the book for children. By creating the materials associated with the Reticulum Project in a variety of formats and linking them together in this way, we will make available to both teachers and pupils a comprehensive multi-media teaching resource.


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