9. Acknowledgements

The work on TimeMap described here has been supported by grants from the Lilly Foundation and the California Digital Library, provided through the Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative, Berkeley, and through an Australian Research Council Strategic Partnership with Industry for Research and Training (SPIRT) grant from 2000-2002. This project has also been supported by our industry partners, the Historic Houses Trust of NSW (of which the Museum of Sydney forms a part).

I would particularly like to thank: Andrew Wilson (ACL), who has been an invaluable source of advice and assistance, as well as providing the historical examples used in this paper; Artem Osmakov (Saratov) and Jesse Sweeney (ACL) who have been responsible for most of the TimeMap software development; and Damian Evans (ACL) who has provided invaluable help by setting up most of the data and web mapping examples used. 

I would also like to thank John Hagstrand (Chicago), Ray Gallagher (Dublin) and Leonid Vasilienko (Saratov) for their development work on the TMView and TMJava applications. Casual staff at the ACL - Bess Moylan, David Hobson, Richard Fletcher and Emma Hetherington - did invaluable work on the development of datasets for the applications and examples described in this paper. Roland Fletcher and Pat Caldon developed the Mongol animation.

I remain responsible for all omissions, errors and inaccuracies.


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