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The first group 'morphology' contains all the attributes and measurements related to the morphology both of the artefact and of the edge. These include the following:

The shape of an artefact was initially obtained through the ratio length/width following Grace (1989) and were grouped in the following way: very long (>3); long (1.2–3); square (0.8–1.2); short (0.3–0.8); very short (<0.3).

The shape (Z) (Shiel ratio) was then recalculated as Z=I2/S. This gives a range from >1, which is planar, ~1 is cubic and <1 is columnar.

The second group contains all the macroscopic observations, obtained at 10x magnifications, related to edge damage following Grace (1989). These include:

The third group contains the results of the microscopic observations following Grace (1989). These were obtained at 200x magnifications. This group includes the following observations;

The final group contains all the ethnographic information. This includes the following;

1paring tree fern pin
2paring sabhul axe shaft
3paring palmwood axe handle
4paring palmwood arrow shaft
5paring palmwood arrow points
6paring naep axe handle
7scraping of wood stick
8paring dayow arrow points
9paring bort axe handles
10butchering pig
11paring bone
12paring rattan (haeluwp) strands
13carving, engraving bamboo
14paring bamboo (taembok)
15removal of bamboo nodes and boring holes
16shaping bamboo sweet potato scrapers
17 trimming, cutting grass (gaimb) stems
18paring skin off grass stem
19paring vine


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