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List of Contributors

Dr Siān Jones is a lecturer in the Department of Art History & Archaeology at the University of Manchester. She was previously employed by the CBA as the Project Officer, and was directly responsible for the design of the survey methodology, the historical review of publication policy, the survey questionnaire, the analysis of the questionnaire data, and the phase I interviews. She is the primary author for Sections 1-4 within the final report and offered much guidance and support in the drafting of other sections following her departure from the CBA.

Dr Ann MacSween works for the Archaeology Inspectorate within Historic Scotland. Prior to this, she took over from Dr Siān Jones as Project Officer, on a freelance basis, and was largely responsible for the Phase II interviews, the citation analysis, the library consultations, and the interviews with editors and publishers. She is the primary author for section 5 of the final report.

Stuart Jeffrey is a postgraduate student at the University of Glasgow. Working as a freelance consultant, he was responsible for the computing aspects of the project: the design of the databases used to analyse the data from the questionnaire, the input of the questionnaire data into the databases, and the subsequent output of results from the databases in the form of spreadsheets and graphs.

Richard Morris is a freelance author and composer, and is an Honorary Vice-President of the CBA and also a Commissioner of English Heritage. He oversaw the development of the project when he was Director of the CBA, and subsequently drafted Section 6 (the discussion and recommendations) of the project report on behalf of the CBA.

Dr Mike Heyworth is Deputy Director at the CBA. He acted as Project Manager throughout the life of the project on behalf of the CBA, and undertook the overall editing of the final report and its HTML publication.

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