Figure 10: Functional categories

Category Alternative or Queried Categories Abbreviation
agricultural agricultural A
cloth production cloth production? ZC
cloth production cloth production?/toilet? ZC_T
cloth production cloth production?/weighing and measuring? ZC_WM
cloth production dress?/cloth production?/furniture?/gaming? ZD_C_F_G
cloth production dress?/cloth production?/toilet? ZD_C_T
cloth production dress?/cloth production?/writing? ZD_C_W
combat equipment combat equipment E
combat equipmentcombat equipment? ZE
combat equipmentdress-combat equipment DE
combat equipmentdress?/combat equipment?/furniture? ZD_E_F
combat equipmentdress?/combat equipment?/horse equipment? ZD_E_H
combat equipmentcombat equipment?/furniture? ZE_F
cutting and sharpening cutting and sharpening CS
dress dress D
dress dress-combat equipment DE
dressdress?/cloth production?/furniture?/gaming? ZD_C_F_G
dressdress?/cloth production?/toilet? ZD_C_T
dressdress?/cloth production?/writing? ZD_C_W
dressdress?/combat equipment?/furniture? ZD_E_F
dressdress?/combat equipment?/horse equipment? ZD_E_H
dressdress?/horse equipment? ZD_H
dressdress?/music? ZD_Mu
gaming gaming G
gaming dress?/cloth production?/furniture?/gaming? ZD_C_F_G
religion?/tableware and serving? religion?/tableware and serving? ZR_ZTS
stone and metalworking stone and metalworking SM
toilet toilet T
toilettoilet? ZT
toiletcloth production?/toilet? ZC_T
toiletdress?/cloth production?/toilet? ZD_C_T
toiletfood preparation?/toilet? FP_T
toilettableware and serving?/toilet? ZTS_T
toilettableware and serving?/toilet?-drinking? ZTS_TD
weighing and measuring weighing and measuring WM
weighing and measuringcloth production?/weighing and measuring? ZC_WM
wood and leatherworking wood and leatherworking WL
writing writing W
writingwriting? ZW