6 Postscript

At the early meetings of the ARENA project, ways of connecting digital sites and monument data from the six partners were discussed. The solution is described elsewhere in this edition: The hundreds and thousands of key words used in order to describe the objects in the national catalogues had to be grouped into 18 top level categories, as shown in figure 5, and translations of these 18 were made for the six languages in question.

Figure 5
Figure 5 The ARENA hierarchy, making the linkages at the top level. (Click on thumbnail to view)

In other words, in order to be able to link the information, we had to use broader categories. This is quite similar to the first solution described above. This is also common for many problem fields, in the humanities and beyond. We have seen similar problems related to work on geographical information (i.e. changes in borders between states in modern times are well documented, but this is not the case for changes in borders between municipalities as well as borders between farms) and collections of botanical samples, just to mention two examples.


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