Making the Resources Fit Together. Interconnection of Diverse Archaeological Document Collections

Øyvind Eide, Jon Holmen, Anne Birgitte Høy-Petersen


This article reflects the participation of the Museum Project, Norway in the actions of the ARENA project. In particular the article highlights issues along the pathway to interoperability that the Museum Project found most important in its participation; that is the digitisation of archaeological records and the connection of information from these resources. The article includes the problems encountered due to the fact that the data from the various collections often do not fit together, at least not without extensive human interaction. The article describes in particular the presentation of digital data from selected locations in Norway, the settlements at Hegge and Egge. A solution to linking data is suggested using an event based (CIDOC CRM) model.

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Øyvind Eide,

The Museum Project, University of Oslo, Norway. Email:

Jon Holmen,

The Museum Project, University of Oslo, Norway. Email:

Anne Birgitte Høy-Petersen,

Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Museum of Natural History and Archaeology, Norway. Email:


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