Pathways to a Shared European Information Infrastructure for Cultural Heritage

Jonathan Kenny and Julian D. Richards

With a contribution from Stewart Waller

Archaeology Data Service Department of Archaeology, University of York, The King's Manor, York, YO1 7EP, UK
Jonathan Kenny Julian D. Richards

Cite this as: Kenny, J. and Richards, J.D. 2005 Pathways to a Shared European Information Infrastructure for Cultural Heritage, Internet Archaeology 18.


The ARENA project was created to confront issues of data preservation and archiving, dissemination and European information interoperability in archaeology. In achieving these goals the project raised many issues that deserve deeper discussion. This paper provides some of this discourse considering aspects of:

This paper sets out to draw together these vital pathways that must all be followed if archaeology and heritage management in Europe is to be served by a suitable network and information infrastrucure. Some of the issues raised here have a resonance in other papers in this ARENA special edition of Internet Archaeology, others are discussed in greater detail elsewhere.

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