Digitising historic excavation archives

Andrzej Prinke

Poznan Archaeological Museum, ul. Wodna 27, 61-781 Poznan, Poland. tel./fax: +4861 8528251

Cite this as: Prinke, A. 2005 Digitising historic excavation archives, Internet Archaeology 18. https://doi.org/10.11141/ia.18.5


The ARENA project gave the Archaeological Museum in Poznań an opportunity to work on the preservation and dissemination of archives of international significance in the museum's care. In addition to carrying out preservation work on digital archives two specific resources were presented:

This activity allowed the team from Poznań to contribute in particular to the role of digitisation in the preservation process, and to demonstrate the value of on-line publication of an important work that is only narrowly available in print form.

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