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Imagemap Table of Contents A short introduction to the city of Sultan Kala Introduction  Location and geographic context Project background Aims Introduction Aims Structure of the article Changing the way the site is managed Conclusions List of Figures Bibliography Acknowledgements The digital archive Blog digest Approaches to mapping the cities The contemporary landscape The data sets Aerial photographs Satellite imagery Understanding the images Assumptions Electronic dissemination and onotology Creativity and reuse Ontology Approaches adopted Tiered levels of transcription Digitisation process Broad brush Narratives Weblog Landscape analysis Urban landscape The landscape today Early boundary Streets and alleys Gardens and orchards City of light and dark Suburban landscape Chronology Standing buildings Köshks Great Kyz Kala Lesser Kyz Kala Kyz Bibi Building identifiable on the aerial images Caravanserai Other City walls Garden and fields Landscape Geographical Information System