The authors thank Dr Vin Davis and Prof. Mark Edmonds for having invited them to contribute to this volume. This article has benefited from the advice and comments of Dr Martine Ambert (Montpellier University, France) and Dr Patrick Monnié (CNRS, UMR 5243). Finally, Dr Magdalena Midgley (Edinburgh University, Scotland) and Céline Le Mentec (freelance) are most warmly thanked for having translated this article.

Yvan Pailler and Anne Garin Carmagnani give particular thanks to Abdou Maiga and Moktar Fofana for their collaboration in the field.

This investigation would not have been possible without the financial contribution of the city of Brest, Finsitère ('Coup de pouce', Michel Abalan) and of the Conseil Général du Finistère (Fonds départemental d'aide à l'initiative des jeunes, Service Jeunesse).


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