List of Figures

Figure 1: Distribution of the the sixteen Linearbandkeramik and Villeneuve-Saint-Germain sites studied in the Paris Basin.

Figure 2: Example of the deliberate breaking of a grinder on the Villeneuve-Saint-Germain site of Passy 'Sablonnière', Yonne. Notice the double fracture on its longitudinal and transversal axes.

Figure 3: Characteristics of a quern and a grinder found in a storage pit on the Villeneuve-Saint-Germain site of Gurgy 'les Grands Champs', Yonne (after Augereau et al. 2006).

Figure 4: Grave 461 of the Linearbandkeramik site of Cuiry-lès-Chaudardes 'les Fontinettes', Aisne (after Thevenet 2005).

Figure 5: Example of the disposition of querns and grinders in the Linearbandkeramik hoard of Berry-au-bac 'le Vieux Tordoir', Aisne (photographs: ERA 12 - UMR 7041 ArScAn Protohistoire européenne du CNRS).


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