List of Figures/Tables

Figure 1: Map showing the location of Domuztepe in relation to the obsidian sources. Source names are given where mentioned in the text.

Figure 2: Selection of the different colours of obsidian from Domuztepe. Images are at different scales.

Figure 3: Chart showing proportion of different colours of obsidian from Domuztepe and their potential source attributions.

Figure 4: Distribution of different coloured obsidian at Domuztepe by phase.

Figure 5: Jewellery, mirror and vessels including unfinished beads and of bead blanks made of obsidian. 1-2: beads (no.1 probably broken in manufacture). 3: bead blanks. 4: incised pendant/seal. 5-6 links. 7: obverse and reverse of a mirror. 8-9: vessel fragments.

Table 1: Comparison of colour and geochemistry of the obsidians from Domuztepe.


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