Table 1: Stone implement summary table (from IPG Record Cards)

Museum accession no. Museum collection IPG slide Macroscopic description Implement type Dimensions(mm)
Car 124-1962 Carlisle C19 Fine-medium, speckled grey dk grey-dk green, 0.5-1 mm black mafic phase in white eroded, powdery felsic matrix. axe 232x95x61
Car 18-1970-1 Carlisle C20 Medium, speckled black and grey, well-developed black mafic phase in eroded grey felsic matrix, homogeneous texture. axe 193x74x43
Car A II 216 (14-1899-6) Carlisle C80 Very coarse, speckled grey and white on broken surface, weathered surface brown-grey, evidence of quartz in broken surface(?). mace head 80x53x35
Car A II 223 Carlisle C81 Medium, speckled grey-green and dk grey-dk green, with white felsic phase, homogeneous texture. mace head 93x61x48
Car 52-1970 Carlisle C23 Medium-coarse, speckled cream/buff (45%) and dk green-black (55%), homogeneous texture, eroded felsic phase. axe 83x61x30
Car 8-1967 Carlisle C133 Fine, dk grey-dk green, aphanitic, 0.2mm black mafic phase in eroded brown (Fe stain) matrix. axe hammer 120x80x42
L14 (LM 80.53) Lancaster C52 Fine (<1mm), pale green-grey, with black mafic phenocrysts, alteration of matrix to white clay mineral. axe 222x89x47
Sc 808-38 Scarborough Y488 Fine-medium, dk steely grey broken surface, orange-brown Fe stained weathered surface, fine black mafic phase. axe hammer 250x77x92
Hu 300-1942-256 Hull Y772 Medium, porphyritic, two phenocrystal phases - the green anhedral and black subhedral, dk green colour with grey-green matrix. mace head 83x49x33
Hu300-1942-81 Hull Y623 Medium-coarse, dk grey-dk green (grey coloured surface), brown-orange Fe staining, preferential weathering of felsic phase. axe 108x47x12
Hu 300-42-381 Hull Y667 Fine-medium, grey with black subhedral mafic phenocrystal phase (0.5-1mm), glomerophorphyritic clustering of matrix, brown Fe staining. axe hammer 254x111x94
Sc 806-38 Scarborough Y425 Medium, highly weathered, orange-brown weathered surface, grey-pink cut surface, pink alkali feldspar (cut surface?) battle axe (unfinished) 89x57x41
Sc 807-38 Scarborough ------ Coarse, blue-green mafic phase in buff eroded matrix, mottled appearance, orange Fe staining. battle axe 78x61x35
Sc836-52 Scarborough Y439 Fine-grained, brown-grey, highly weathered, preferential weathering of matrix to cream powder (clay min?) axe 78x58x41
Sc 843-52 Scarborough Y440 Medium, interlocking granular texture, preferential weathering of felsic phase, orange-brown Fe staining. axe 86x42x13
Yor D9566 Skipton Y705 Fine, buff-grey with black mafic crystals, highly weathered. battle axe 115x46x36
LM 61.22 Lancaster ----- Very fine, aphanitic - glassy, dark green-black, smooth texture. axe 104x52x20