Table 6: Summary table of petrological and geochemical comparisons to identify stone implements provenanced from the Carrock Fell Gabbro

Museum accession no. IPG slide ref. Geochemical comparison ** Petrological comparison (diagnostic features) with levels of confidence (scale 1-5) Overall similarity***
LM 80.53* C52 94% Intergranular, sub-ophitic, twinned augite with 'herring bone' texture; exsolved Fe oxide grains; interstitial and rare granophyric texture; minor epidote. (5/5) 5/5
Hu300-1942-356* Y772 75% 'Doleritic texture' (unusual); coarse twinned; ophitic, augite, fractured plagioclase with alteration along planes to chlorite. (3/5) (3/5)
Car 124-1962* C19 63% Framework sub-euhedral plagioclase; extensive quartz and granophyric intergrowths; intragranular uralitised augite; minor hornblende and biotite. (4/5) (4/5)
Car 18-1970-1* C20 56% Highly altered uralitised, sub-ophitic augite; primary hornblende; minor fine exsolved skeletal and blade Fe oxide grains; extensive cholritisation. (3/5) (3/5)
Sc 808-38* Y448 50% Common features; exsolved Fr oxide grains; minor interstitial quartz. Uncommon features: spherulitic plagioclase; no uralitisation of ophitic augite. (2.5/5) inconclusive
Car 52-1970 C23 50% Twinned; uralitised augite with 'herring bone' texture; coarse framework plagioclase; extensive interstitial quartz and granophyric intergrowths; skeletal Fe oxide grains. (4/5) (4/5)
Hu 300-1942-81 Y623 44% Not typical stressed uralitised, ophitic augite with patchy undulose extinction; clustering of mafics; fracturing. (2/5) No matched
Car 8-1967 C133 38% Predominantly subhedral pleochroic hornblende (70%) in fine chloritised groundmass. Not the Carrock Fell Gabbro. (1/5) Not matched
Car 14-1899-6 C80 31% Intragranular twinned, uralitised augite with 'herring bone' texture; framework subhedral zoned plagioclase; interstitial quartz and granophyric intergrowths. (4/5) (3/5)
Car A II 223 C81 25% Uralitised augite; highly fractured plagioclase with alteration along planes to chlorite; coarse exsolved Fe oxide grains; alteration to fibrous hornblende and chlorite. (3.5/5) (3/5)

* denotes implements within sample found to be geochemically statistically similar to the Carrock Fell Gabbro.
** ranked by score (at 1 SD level)
*** with confidence rating (scale 1-5).