Table 2: The pieces of wood in this table represent pieces identified as interesting because they may show evidence of woodworking, and also a selection of roundwood picked out and identified by AH, which provides an impression of the species through the block. Figure 6 provides a sequence of photographs through the block illustrating all the wood set out in this table.

+ indicates charcoal specimens;
* indicates cases where the razor blade became instantly tarnished on contact with the specimen, with blackening and a slight smell of sulphides suggestive of the action of sulphuric acid.

SF No. Layers Zone Identification Notes
B0025 BL02-6 1 cf. Salix Woodworking debris, parallel-sided piece, very degraded. *
B0051 BL03-5 1   Woodworking debris, parallel-sided piece.
B0056 BL03-5 1   Woodworking debris, parallel-sided piece.
B0227 BL07 1 Salix Roundwood.
B0250 BL06-10 1 and 2   Woodworking debris, radial?, fragmentary.
B0251 BL06-10 1 and 2   Woodworking debris, radial?, fragmentary.
B0255 BL12-15 2 probably Betula Bark curved and inside out.
B0264 BL14 2 Salix Roundwood.
B0271 BL13-19 2 and 3   Woodworking debris, tangential? Partially charred.
B0272 BL14-19 3 Salix Roundwood.
B0278 BL16-21 3 Salix Roundwood.
B0280 BL16-21 3 Salix Roundwood.
B0281 BL21-23 3 Salix Woodworking debris, parallel-sided but flattened roundwood.
B0282 BL21 3   Flint.
B0284 BL21 3 Not identifiable Too difficult to achieve good sections.
B0286 BL20-22 3 Salix Roundwood.
B0288 BL20-22 3 Salix Roundwood.
B0290 BL21-23 3   Bark, folded and inside out.
B0291 BL23 3 cf. Frangula alnus Not well preserved.
B0292 BL22-23 3 Salix Roundwood.
B0293 BL21-23 3 Salix Roundwood.
B0300 BL25 3 Salix/Populus Charcoal. +
B0301 BL24-25 3 Salix Roundwood.
B0302 BL24-25 3 Salix/Populus Woodworking debris, parallel sides, tangential or cross-grained, mostly (but not completely) charred. +
B0303 BL25 3 Salix/Populus Charcoal. +
B0304 BL25 3 Salix/Populus Charcoal. +
B0305 BL25 3   Bark.
B0306 BL25 3 Salix Roundwood.
B0307 BL25 3 Salix/Populus Charcoal. +
B0308 BL23-25 3 Populus Roundwood.
B0309 BL25 3 Salix/Populus Charcoal. +
B0317 BL27-28 3 Salix Roundwood.
B0319 BL27-29 3 and 4   Very degraded*, rootwood?
B0320 BL30-31 4 Salix Wood fragments. *
B0320.5 BL29-30 4 Salix Woodworking debris, parallel-sided, tangential.
B0325 BL31-34 4 and 5 Salix Roundwood.
B0326 BL29-34 4 and 5 Populus Timber?
B0327 BL29-34 4 and 5   Timber?
B0328 BL31-34 4 and 5   Possible root?
B0331 BL37 5 Salix Roundwood, extremely soft and with many fungal hyphae.
B0331.5 BL35-36 5   3 pieces adhered with peat – woodworking debris and bark, 2 radial woodchips and 1 piece of bark.
B0332 BL33-37 5   Timber? Tangential, tapering, cut through.
B0333 BL35-47 5   Part of probably tree/coppice stool?
B0334 BL35-47 5   Coppice stool?
B0337 BL33-37 5 Salix Timber? Extremely soft and with many fungal hyphae.
B0338 BL36-38 5   Woodworking debris, parallel sides, tangential.
B0343 BL38-39 5 Salix Roundwood.
B0344 BL38-40 5 PopulusWoodworking debris, radial, broken on knot (same as B0345).
B0345 BL38-40 5 PopulusWoodworking debris, radial, broken on knot (same as B0344).
B0347 BL40-41 5 Salix Roundwood.
B0348 BL40-42 5 Salix Roundwood.
B0349 BL440-42 5   Woodworking debris, fragmentary and cut through.
B0350 BL40-41 5 BetulaRoot?
B0351 BL40-42 5 Salix Roundwood
B0355 BL35-47 5   Coppice stool?
B0356 BL43 5 Populus Roundwood.
B0358 BL43 5   Roundwood, knobbly, root?
B0363 BL44 5   Roundwood, knobbly, root?
B0366 BL43-44 5   Roundwood, knobbly, root?
B0367 BL40-44 5 Salix Roundwood, knobbly, root?
B0369 BL41-45 5 Salix Roundwood, knobbly, root?
B0371 BL35-47 5 Salix Coppice stool?
B0376 BL46 5 Salix Roundwood, knobbly, forked, root?
B0377 BL35-47 5 Salix Coppice stool?
B0380 BL45-47 5 Salix Coppice stool?