List of Figures

Figure 1: Scan setup with VIVID 9i and professional lighting rig.

Figure 2: (Top) Photo of artefact. (Bottom left) Brightness variation between scans. Note variation is not present on object in photo. (Bottom right) Completed model with brightness variation corrected in Rapidform.

Figure 3: (Top) Decimated object with colour information not preserved, (bottom) decimated object with original colour image preserved and re-applied. [View object record in tDAR]

Figure 4: Final design for viewing artefacts in the Virtual Hampson Museum.

Figure 5: Final design for viewing artefacts in the Amarna Virtual Museum.

Figure 6: Cross-sections can be generated from a variety of angles to produce profiles at any direction or axes.

Figure 7: Example of results of colour stripping of shell object from Hampson collection.

Figure 8: Example of results of colour stripping of wooden figure from Amarna. [View object record in ADS]

Figure 9: Effects in varying the virtual illumination on colour-stripped point cloud.

Figure 10: Examples of curvature mapping.

Figure 11: Feature extraction. [View object record in tDAR]

Figure 12: Motif extraction. [View object record in tDAR]

Figure 13: Citation of digital objects using the Zotero open source system.

Figure 14: Hampson vessel in Google 3D Warehouse with citation information.

Figure 15 (a and b): Visualisation showing digital object from the Hampson Museum used in context. Note vessel on mat in lower right in Figure 15b, absent in 15a.

Figure 16: Wireframe showing the various digital objects used to create the final visualisation shown in Figure 15.

Figure 17: tDAR interface showing a selected 3D object in the Hampson collection

Figure 18: Extracted contents from a zip file for a 3D object downloaded from the tDAR website

Figure 19: The navigation help menu in Rapidform Explorer

Figure 20: The location of the display tab in Rapidform Explorer which allows the user to change different display options such as toggling object texture on (above left) and off (above right)

Figure 21: A point-to-point measurement constrained to the Y axis

Figure 22: A plane to plane measurement in Rapidform Explorer

Figure 23: A distance measurement on a cross section

Figure 24: A portion of the download listing for the Amarna materials at ADS

Figure 25: Digital objects derived from the Amarna "wooden object"

Figure 26: Amarna "wooden object" 3D PDF version cross-sectioned in Adobe Acrobat and measured


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