5.1.1 Question 1 response Type A

The most frequently present element focused on one or more of the characters in the story, relating directly to their experience. Participants offering this response type typically included value judgements and attribution of feelings and faiths to characters that extended beyond the written content of the story. Each character received variable treatment in these discussions. Examples relating to Jonat include:

'Jonat is obviously a close follower of God, but perhaps not a protestant at heart. She seems more like she is following the doctrine of the church, but would happily follow a less severe path as shown in the short stories about how many people still followed the old medieval methods of worship at home.'

'The perspective of Jonat is that of one who has been brought up within the confines of the reformed church. She feels genuine shame and horror for her supposed crime (even though she herself was the victim). In a strange sort of way she is a much better member of the reformed church than those who scold, argue and gossip after and during her punishment.'

'Jonat the repentant one, willing to take her punishment in order to be re-admitted.'


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