5.3.4 Question 3 response Type D

The final response type to this question expressed opinions of the success or failure of the study.

'The material provided gives insight into the minds more of those who sought to impose the reformation onto others, than those who suffered under it. By describing the effects on the two characters in the narrative section, I believe the author gives insight into the kind of confusion and conflict that the reformers created in their parishioners.'

'The images, text and narrative do have a chilling aspect which puts the reader into the dark times of the reformation and makes you glad you weren't alive then!'

'The material was effective, the juxtaposition of conflicting images and narratives was engaging and at times quite shocking.'

'The approach that I've engaged with in this experiment I thus found refreshing and highly successful. It's high time we stopped trying to hide our research findings from the outside world.'

'It's interesting how the lasting impression I get is from the creative piece but I think this is because I found the historical language/tone to be out of my comfort zone.'

'The material viewed has given me an insight into a part of history I had no idea about. It was really interesting to look at the reformation from a point of view that looked at every day people of the time, as opposed to the traditional habit of looking at the reformation as a whole and focusing on the church/civil authorities of the time.'


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