North of the Tees, key early medieval sites include Bamburgh Castle (Young 2003), the monastic establishments at Monkwearmouth and Jarrow (Cramp 2005; 2006), and a burial dating to the Viking Age at Cambois, Bedlington (Alexander 1987). Type 12 is well known, but other than the Type 3 handled comb from Cambois, combs from well-dated Viking-Age contexts are rare. Sites in medieval and post-medieval Durham see the appearance of Type 8c (Carver 1979, 24) and eventually, 14b (Ashby 2006, 147).

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The apparent scarcity of diagnostically Viking-Age combs in Northumberland (relative to Yorkshire) is striking. I would thus particularly welcome information regarding any relevant finde from the region. Steve Ashby


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