Evidence for furnaces associated with hearths

Distinguishing between domestic and industrial activity can be an important line of enquiry. In our data, interpretative overlaps were encountered where the limited evidence could support either a hearth (domestic fire) or a furnace (metalworking or similar industrial activity). Therefore the previous line of enquiry might be broadened to consider evidence for furnaces.

Group> Group Type = Furnace
Returned 4 results: 4 RRAD

Context Type = Furnace
Returned 37 results: 3 LEAP, 6 OASIS, 13 RRAD, 15 MoLA ROP

Context Type = Furnace > contains Context Find Type = Metalworking debris
Returned 1 result: 1 MoLA ROP

This illustrates various search strategies; different results are obtained when searching for furnace as a group or as a context. It is possible to make the connection using the Demonstrator by interactively browsing from a specific context result to a broader group and vice versa. STAR aims to support research strategies that combine search and browsing via the conceptual structure. However, future work could make use of the potential offered by the CRM-EH for expanding semantic search across groups and contexts (see section 4.4).


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