4. Spatial and Social Distribution

4.1 Spatial distribution

Figure 7

Figure 7: Distribution of all figurines in Britain

All of the figurines have been plotted on a map of Britain (Figure 7), showing that they are found throughout Roman Britain, with concentrations in the most heavily Romanised and militarised zones. The greatest concentration lies in a band across the south of England with a northern boundary from the Wash running south-west to the Severn Estuary and a southern boundary from the Thames estuary to north Somerset. There is also a smaller, but noticeable, concentration along Hadrian's Wall and scatters of finds along the southern coast of England from Richborough to Exeter and the southern coast of Wales. As one might expect, Cornwall, central Wales and Scotland north of the Antonine Wall are largely devoid of finds. Finds north of Lincoln largely follow the line of the major Roman road through York to Corbridge, and the western branch of this road from just south of Piercebridge through Brougham to Carlisle. In the following examination of the figurine distribution in Britain, the overall distribution of figurines will be discussed first, then the distribution of specific types.


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