A great many people have helped me throughout my research for the thesis on which this article is based. Greatest thanks must go to my supervisors, Professor Michael Fulford and Dr Hella Eckardt, and to Professor Barry Cunliffe who first encouraged me to embark upon this project. Martin Henig, Nina Crummy, Martin Dearne and Philip de Jersey all gave me the benefit of their expertise, while Sally Worrell helped me navigate the Portable Antiquities Scheme database and kept me informed of new finds. Ian Cartwright, Alison Wilkins and Margaret Mathews were invaluable in helping me illustrate the text.

Most of all this project would not have been possible without the help of the staff at the museums that I visited: Debbie Buck and Richard Hobbs (British Museum), Evan Chapman (National Museum of Wales, Cardiff), Susan Walker (Ashmolean Museum), Helen Harman (Roman Baths Museum, Bath), Kate Iles (Bristol City Museum), Mark Lewis (National Roman Legion Museum, Caerleon), Anne Taylor (University of Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology), Tim Padley (Tullie House Museum, Carlisle), Paul Sealey (Colchester Castle Museum), Alison Brookes (Corinium Museum, Cirencester), Georgina Plowright (English Heritage Hadrian's Wall Museums), David Rice (Gloucester City Museum and Art Gallery), Mary Alexander and Nick Booth (Guildford Museum), David Allen and Alan Jacobs (Hampshire County Museum Service), Corina Westwood (Isle of Wight Heritage Service), Victoria Adams and Caroline McDonald (Ipswich Museum), Laura Hadland (Jewry Wall Museum, Leicester), Jenny Hall and Francis Grew (Museum of London), Angela Wardle (Museum of London Specialist Services), Andrew Parkin (Great North Museum, Newcastle), Oliver Blackmore (Newport Museum and Art Gallery), John Davies, Alan West and Adrian Marsden (Norwich Castle Museum), Esther Cameron (Oxfordshire County Museum Service), Jillian Greenaway (Reading Museum), Cameron Moffat (Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery), Simon Jones (Somerset Heritage Service), David Thorold (Verulamium Museum, St Albans), Jude Plouviez (Suffolk County Council Archaeological Service), Chris Mycock (West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village and Country Park), Lisa Webb (Wiltshire Heritage Museum), Robin Iles (Winchester City Museum) and Katherine Bearcock (Yorkshire Museum). Martin Dearne and Jörn Schuster (Cotswold Archaeology) also provided me with information about unpublished figurines.

This project was funded by a Doctoral grant from the AHRC.


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