Description: The modelling of the figure is more distinctively provincial, being ornamented with markedly linear detail (e.g. on paenula, also pubic har)(Henig). Very different style to the other Uley Mercurys. Rather formal, awkward pose. Straight body and legs with broad shoulders and chest. Very little modelling of musculature on torso. Slit dimple for belly button, small penis, large testicles, broad area of incised curly pubic hair. Arms held awkwardly to front, bent at elbow, left slightly across the body, right hand holds purse, roughly incised fingers. Left hand simply a socket to hold missing caduceus. Narrow drapery over left shoulder, tightly around forearm. Doesn't extend beyond the arm, roughly moulded over shoulder and back, deeper drapery moulding over arm with diagonal incisions along the top edge. Face worn, no mouth, nose worn at base is wedge-shaped. Roughly incised hair. Flat petasos with crimped edge. Wings on top, pointed to the rear, decorated with incisions lengthwise and shorter, diagonal cuts. Back quite plain, flat back, groove for buttocks. Head tilted slightly to the right.
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Image: Courtesy of the British Museum.

Image of figurine 700