Description: a standing female deity facing forward, her right arm bent upwards at the elbow in the action of throwing a now-missing spear, and a cornucopia held in the crook of her bent left arm. She wears a Greek-style helmet with a double keyhole-shpaed depression for a plume attachment; the helmet is pushed back above the eyes revealing a corona of hair beneath. At the back of her head, the hair is plaited into three tresses emerging from beneath the helmet and running down the nape of the neck to end between the shoulder blades. The facial features are very worn, but eyes, nose and a mouth are evident. The neck is bare. On the torso is a cuirass of scale armour with traces of a Medusa aegis on the breastplate. Beneath the cuirass she wears a long, pleated peplos, gathered into folds, and covering her to the ankles (Worrell). Small holes top and bottom. Finely modelled, detail on clothes. Tapers to feet but none visible.
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Image: Courtesy of the British Museum.

Image of figurine 754