Description: A copper-alloy figurine with stout legs. Two small semicircular opposed cut-outs, one at the bottom centre of each wing, suggest the bird may have been held in an upright position by something inserted into these slots. The figure is quite roughly made and stylised in design, especially when compared with enamelled cockerel brooches (Fig 14, 75, 76). The head with its raised comb and prominent eye is particularly unlovely. The plumage is indicated by strong irregular slashing done when the metal was cold, and the primary feathers are shown beside the short vertical tail as deep grooves. Beside other cockerel figures, such as the series of enamelled brooches already mentioned or the birds illustrated by Green (1976, pl 3, I, pl 4, h, pl 5, d), the lack of care taken in the manufacture of this bird becomes apparent. (Crummy). Body largely hollow. Odd piece, almost industrial/robotic appearance.
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Image: Courtesy of Colchester Castle Museum.

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