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ID 1011
Grid Ref TL1107
Project type Excavation
County Hertfordshire
Site St Albans
Site Name Gorhambury
Site Type Villa
Context Gravel 563
Context Quality 3
Site Date mid C1 - mid C4
Context Date C2
Object Period 0
Material Bronze
Other finds from site Eagle wing (1010), lion headed studs, female head escutcheon, cockerel fitting
Location Verulamium Museum
Ref No SABMS 1988.1259
M/F Male
Form Figurine
Type Deity
Name Bacchus
Aliases Satyr
Bearded No
Attributes Yes
Attribute description Bunch of grapes
Clothed No
Drapery No
Condition hand only
Classical 1
Quality Classical 3
Photo Yes
Illustration Yes
Height 0.00
Length 21.00
References Wardle 1990, 129, fig. 126 no 195
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Description Fragment of a figurine with a hand holding a bunch of grapes, possibly a satyr associated with the god Bacchus, or the god himself (Wardle). Leaded bronze/gunmetal (AML 811370). Hand broken just before the wrist. Nice depiction with long, thin fingers. SF 1041.


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