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ID 1035
Grid Ref TL9925
Project type Excavation
County Essex
Site Colchester
Site Name Balkerne Lane
Site Type Colonia
Location Type Settlement
Context Quality 3
Site Date C1-4
Context Date C2 +
Object Period 0
Material Bronze
Other finds from site Dog (1034) and snake (1036), bird foot (1037)
Location Colchester Castle Museum
Ref No COLEM 1986.67.2537
Form Figurine
Type Animal
Name Tortoise
Aliases Turtle
Bearded No
Is an attribute of Mercury
Clothed No
Drapery No
Condition Good
Classical 1
Quality Classical 3
Photo Yes
Illustration Yes
Height 0.00
Length 41.50
Parallels Chester (679)
References Crummy 1983, 143, fig. 173 no 4273
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Description A copper-alloy turtle or tortoise. The underside is plain and slightly concave. The shell of the animal if more or less lozenge-shaped, with the head, tail and two legs forming points. The shell is decorated with incised lattice design with an impressed dot at the centre of each lozenge. The figure appears to have been freestanding (Crummy 1983). Quite detailed. Protruding eyes, deep horizontal groove for mouth. Only 2 legs with 3 toed feet.


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