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ID 133
Grid Ref TL1307
Project type Excavation
County Hertfordshire
Site St Albans
Site Name Branch Road
Site Type Civitas capital
Location Type Bath house
Context Unknown
Context Quality 2
Context Date Antonine
Object Date C2?
Object Period 2
Material Bronze
Import No
Place of manufacture Local
Location Verulamium Museum
Ref No SABMS 78.26
M/F Female
Age Mature
Form Figurine
Type Deity
Name Venus
Bearded No
Standing/Seated Kneeling
Headgear Diadem
Clothed No
Drapery No
Condition Corroded; missing lower right leg from knee, left hand and foot. Face worn and features barely visible, especially on the left side.
Classical 1
Quality Classical 3
Photo Yes
Illustration No
Height 62.00
Length 0.00
Parallels Bieber 1961, fig 395, 606+7; Lebel 1961, no 60
References Pitts 1979, no 113; Toynbee 1964, 83; Green 1976, 207, no 15?; Lindgren 1980, 779-80, no 44; Page 1914, 137, pl XI
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Description Bending down to adjust sandal on left foot. Right leg straight, but seated with left leg bent and left arm ?leaning against an object Left arm outstretched, forearm rests along the thigh and hand is on the left ankle. Head tilted to the right.. Long torso, chest and shoulders narrow, very small breasts. Arms too thin are basically long sticks with no definition. The right arm is very long and tapers to a hand on which, surprisingly, the fingers are depicted. The arms are much worse than the rest of the body modelling.


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