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ID 226
Grid Ref NY9864
Project type Unknown
County Northumberland
Site Corbridge
Site Type Military
Location Type Unknown
Context Unknown
Context Quality 1
Site Date c.AD90 - 4th c
Object Period 0
Material Bronze
Location Corbridge Museum
Ref No HWMEH CO22967
Form Figurine
Type Animal
Name Snake
Bearded No
Clothed No
Drapery No
Condition Fragment
Classical 1
Quality Classical 3 or Stylised 1
Photo Yes
Illustration No
Height 0.00
Length 36.00
Parallels Caerwent (546)
References Green 1978, 58, pl 74
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Description Sinuous fragment, head and tail missing. Scales incised semicircles. Elliptical cross-section.


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