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ID 308
Grid Ref SE6052
Project type Unknown
County Yorkshire, North
Site York
Site Type Colonia
Location Type Unknown
Context Unknown
Context Quality 0
Object Date Post-medieval
Object Period 10
Material Bronze
Location Yorkshire Museum
Ref No YORYM 2007.6237
M/F Male
Age Mature
Form Figurine
Type Deity
Name Satyr
Aliases Hercules
Bearded No
Standing/Seated Standing
Attributes Yes
Attribute description Club and ?patera
Clothed No
Drapery Yes
Drapery description Around waist, up the right side of the back and over the shoulder in a band, then down across the front of a chest like a strap
Condition Missing feet; slightly worn
Classical 1
Quality Stylised 2
Photo Yes
Illustration No
Height 41.00
Length 0.00
Parallels PAS database: NARC-FEE361 Titchmarsh, Northamptonshire
References Green1978, 75, no 24; Home 1924, pl opp 130; Hutchinson 1986, 202, Me-12
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Description POST-MEDIEVAL PIPE TAMPER. Muscular male. In his right hand he holds a club which rests across the back of his shoulders. His left arm is behind his back and holds a round object (apple?). The face is worn but the eyes and mouth are depicted. The nose is flat and wedge-shaped. Could the drapery be an animal skin with paws at the front?


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