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ID 347
Grid Ref TQ1276
Project type Chance
County Greater London
County Previously Middlesex
Site Hounslow
Site Type Unknown
Location Type Unknown
Context Unknown
Context Quality 0
Object Date IA
Object Period -1
Material Bronze
Other finds from site Found with 2 other figurines (348 + 349), 2 indeterminate animals and a wheel
Location British Museum
Ref No 1864,051.9
Form Figurine
Type Animal
Name Boar
Bearded No
Standing/Seated Standing
Clothed No
Drapery No
Condition Good but stand broken and tusks corroded
Classical 0
Quality Naive
Photo Yes
Illustration Yes
Height 30.00
Length 46.00
References Green 1976, 221; Foster 1977, 29, no 3, fig 5, pl IIIA; Franks 1864, 90-92
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Description See Foster


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