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ID 367
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Grid Ref TQ6153
Project type Chance
County Kent
Site Plaxtol
Site Type Villa
Location Type Building
Context Ploughsoil
Context Quality 1
Object Period 0
Material Bronze
Location Maidstone Museum
M/F Female
Age Mature
Form Figurine
Type Deity
Name Minerva
Bearded No
Standing/Seated Standing
Headgear Helmet
Clothed Yes
Clothing description Peplos
Drapery Yes
Drapery description Mantle
Condition Good
Classical 1
Quality Classical 2
Photo Yes
Illustration Yes
Height 191.00
Length 0.00
References Green 1976, 227, pl VIII f; Haverfield et al. 1932, 123; Toynbee 1964, 80; Luard 1859, 3, pl. VII; Grove 1955, 208
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Description The goddess wears an elaborately crested helmet and a long, half-sleeved tunic , while her mantle, draped over her left shoulder and forearm and hanging down her back, is carried in a sweeping fold across the slightly flexed left knee (Toynbee).


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