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ID 430
Grid Ref TL4070
Project type Chance
County Cambridgeshire
Site Cottenham
Site Name Willingham Fen
Site Type Unknown
Location Type Hoard
Context Unknown
Context Quality 1
Context Date mid-late 2nd
Object Period 0
Material Bronze
Other finds from site Box containing objects and figurines (see 28)
Location Cambridge University Museum
Ref No 1918.160.6
Form Attachment
Type Bird
Name Owl
Bearded No
Standing/Seated Standing
Clothed No
Drapery No
Condition Cracked and repaired
Classical 0
Quality Stylised 2
Photo Yes
Illustration No
Height 40.00
Length 0.00
Parallels Leibundgut 1976, no 49; Zadoks-Josephus Jitta 1973, No 47; J. Chester N. Wales Archaeol Soc 1959, pl10a
References Pitts 1979, no188; Toynbee 1964, 128; Green 1976, 210; Rostovtseff 1923, 94, pl iv.4
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Description Stylised figure with a very broad chest, deep round inset eyes with a very narrow beak. Wings folded and with a border of short, parallel incised grooves. Stands on top of a round hollow pedestal which could be the top of a staff. Circular hole on top of head.


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