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ID 457
Grid Ref TL1307
Project type Excavation
County Hertfordshire
Site St Albans
Site Name Verulamium
Site Type Civitas capital
Location Type Insula XIV
Context cellar wall packing
Context Quality 3
Context Date AD 270-80
Object Period 0
Material Bronze
Location Verulamium Museum
Ref No SABMS 78.550
Form Figurine
Type Unknown
Name Unknown
Bearded No
Clothed No
Drapery No
Condition Left arm only; fingers broken
Classical 1
Quality Classical 3 or Stylised 1
Photo Yes
Illustration Yes
Height 0.00
Length 72.00
Parallels Colchester (1029)
References Pitts 1979, no 255; Frere 1972, 144, no 156, fig 49
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Description Quite a large arm with large pin for attachment at shoulder. Straight, hand outstretched and thumb complete but with some damage to the fingers. Hand and arm not in proportion - the forearm is long and thin and the hand too large.


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