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ID 559
Grid Ref ST7266
Project type Chance
County Somerset
Site Bath
Site Name Weston
Site Type Small town
Location Type Unknown
Context Unknown
Context Quality 1
Material Bronze
Location Roman Baths Museum
Ref No BATRM 1983.31.2
M/F Male
Age Mature
Form Figurine
Type Human
Name Worshipper
Aliases Apollo, Priest, Jupiter Dolichenus
Bearded No
Standing/Seated Standing
Headgear Laurel wreath
Clothed No
Drapery Yes
Drapery description Toga
Condition Missing left hand, most of right arm and lower legs, slightly worn.
Classical 1
Quality Classical 3
Photo Yes
Illustration Yes
Height 75.00
Length 0.00
Parallels Esperandieu and Rolland 1959, 44-5, no 67 (unprovenanced); Fleischer 1967, 48-9, taf 25, no. 36 (Ulrichsberg)
References Green 1976, 187, no 17; Scarth 1864, 85, pl XXXV
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Description Not Roman. Fully draped standing male, stands looking to right. Left hand missing may have held object such as patera. Some depiction of musculature on torso, and drapery folds. Wavy incised hair on top of head at rear with leaves of wreath around. Face quite finely featured, dimple belly button.


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