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ID 717
Grid Ref ST3490
Project type Excavation
County Newport
County Previously Monmouthshire
Site Caerleon
Site Name Legionary Museum Site
Site Type Military
Location Type Building
Context Gully 95
Context Quality 3
Site Date C1-4
Context Date L C1- mid C2
Object Period 0
Material Bronze
Secondary Material Silver plated
Other finds from site Les Martes samian
Location National Roman Legion Museum, Caerleon
Ref No 84.43H
Form Figurine
Type Animal
Name Ram
Bearded No
Standing/Seated Standing
Is an attribute of Mercury
Clothed No
Drapery No
Condition Some wear and corrosion
Classical 1
Quality Classical 3
Photo Yes
Illustration Yes
Height 22.00
Length 34.00
References Fox 1993, 112, fig 39, no 26
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Description Fairly simple, small figure. Front and rear legs single posts with groove at front. Tail falls straight down between the rear legs. Very detailed with large curling incised horns. Large right eye with central pupil, left side of head slightly damaged. Head turned slightly to left and tilted. Large testicles.


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