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ID 793
Images No image in database
Grid Ref SO7802
Project type Excavation
County Gloucestershire
Site Frocester
Site Name Frocester Court
Site Type Villa
Location Type Villa
Context Layer IV, grid B29
Context Quality 3
Site Date IA-C4
Context Date Late C1-early C2
Object Period 0
Material Bronze
Import No
Place of manufacture Local
Location Frocester?
Ref No Sf 374 (315)
Form Figurine
Type Animal
Name Horse
Bearded No
Clothed No
Drapery No
Condition Good, slightly corroded
Classical 1
Quality Stylised 2
Photo No
Illustration Yes
Height 25.00
Length 38.00
Parallels Bourne, Lincs (202); Carrawburgh (198)
References Price 1989, 255-6; Foster 2000, 57-8, fig. 2.14
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Description solid, and crudely designed, with wide open mouth and large upstanding ears. Eyes outlined only with very crude incisions. Asymmetrical nose worn, possibly by rubbing. Left nostril clearly efined, right one less so. Legs set wide apart, thick and slightly curved, with rather strange, turned-out feet. Only one is flat but the figurine was evidently free-standing. Large rump with short tail continuing as a ridge between legs. Surface detail confined to short incisions indicating a mane along crest of neck and an incised line from each side of mouth, evidently representing reins (Foster).


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