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ID 860
Grid Ref SU1460
Project type Metal detector
County Wiltshire
Site Wilcot
Site Type Unknown
Location Type Unknown
Context Unknown
Context Quality 1
Site Date Unknown
Object Period 0
Material Bronze
Other finds from site 1st-4th c coins, no 859
Location Wiltshire Heritage Museum, Devizes
Ref No DZSWS: 1993.531
M/F Female
Age Youth
Form Figurine
Type Deity
Name Venus
Bearded No
Clothed No
Drapery No
Condition Head only, abraded, back flattened, worn.
Classical 1
Quality Stylised 1
Photo Yes
Illustration No
Height 24.00
Length 0.00
Parallels nr Marlborough (Hoare 1821, 72); Faider-Feytmans 1979, no 76
References Henig 1994, 143, fig. 2
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Description This is an abraded head of Venus with long hair down the sides of the neck; the facial features are very worn. The head is broken off at the neck; the back is flattened and has some iron corrosion adhering to it (Henig). Face has narrow pointed chin and is tilted slightly to the right.


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