List of Figures

Figure 1: (a) Worshipper 559, (b) Mother Goddess 560, (c) Priestess 601 (illustrations from Scarth 1864, pl. XXXV)

Figure 2: (a) Goat 237 and (b) steelyard weight in the shape of a dog's head, both from the Thames in London (illustrations from Smith 1859; photographs © Trustees of the British Museum)

Figure 3: Distribution of gold and silver figurines

Figure 4: Mercury pipe tamper from Ipswich Museum

Figure 5: Proportions of male and female deities

Figure 6: Hand of Sabazius in the British Museum, provenance unknown. Accession number 1824,0441.1 (© Trustees of the British Museum)

Figure 7: Distribution of all figurines in Britain

Figure 8: Distribution of metal-detector finds

Figure 9: Distribution of metal-detector and other finds

Figure 10: Distribution of the different site types

Figure 11: Proportion of figurines from urban sites (total = 289 figurines)

Figure 12: Figurines from civitas capitals (total = 82 figurines)

Figure 13: Figurines from small towns (total = 80 figurines)

Figure 14: Distribution of figurines at religious sites and in hoards: 1 Southbroom, 2 Ashwell, 3 Barkway, 4 Willingham Fen, 5 Felmingham Hall, 6 Lydney, 7 Uley, 8 Henley Wood, 9 Pagan's Hill, 10 Lamyatt Beacon, 11 Maiden Castle, 12 Farley Heath, 13 Woodeaton, 14 Thornborough, 15 Brigstock, 16 Thistleton, 17 Harlow and 18 Gosbecks Farm

Figure 15: Distribution of Mercury figurines

Figure 16: Distribution of Mercury and associated figurines

Figure 17: Distribution of finds associated with Mercury and Hercules (after Jones and Mattingly 2002, map 8:6)

Figure 18: Mercury and associated figurines (total = 116 figurines)

Figure 19: Distribution of Hercules figurines

Figure 20: Hercules figurines (total = 35 figurines)

Figure 21: Distribution of Jupiter and eagle figurines

Figure 22: Distribution of Mars figurines

Figure 23: Distribution of Horse and rider and Horse figurines

Figure 24: Distribution of horse and rider objects (Eckardt 2005, fig. 6)

Figure 25: Distribution of Bacchic and Cupid figurines

Figure 26: Distribution of Apollo and Priapus figurines

Figure 27: Distribution of Genius paterfamilias, Lar and worshipper or priest figurines

Figure 28: Distribution of Venus, Fortuna and Minerva figurines

Figure 29: Distribution of boar and dog figurines

Figure 30: Distribution of snake and amphibian figurines


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