I want to express my thanks to all who gave of their time and energy to assist this project. In particular I want to thank the North West Archaeology Group of Sam Moore, Marion Dowd and Robert Hensey for incisive feedback on the manuscript. I want to thank Lynda Hart, Austin McTiernan and Jean Ryan for practical help, imaginative proposals and lively debate. Thanks to Jean Ryan and Thorsten Kahlert for the use of their photographs. I am indebted to Ken Williams for sharing his original photographs of the Mound of the Hostages event.

I thank the Office of Public Works (OPW) for access to the monuments. I am grateful to people in the area for telling me about the meaning of Listoghil for them, in particular John and Una Hamilton, Paddy Devaney, Denise Cassidy, Michael Roberts and Michael Quirke. I want to express my gratitude to Stefan Bergh for many lively discussions. Thanks to Göran Burenhult for sharing some of his total station files. I am grateful to Patrick McKeever of the Northern Ireland Geological Survey. I want to express my respect and acknowledgement to Mark Keane for noticing the saddle in the first place, and proposing its significance. I am grateful to Sam Moore of the Institute of Technology, Sligo, for his generous help in the total station mapping of Listoghil, C26 and C52. Thank you to Victor Rejis for his many checks on my data and his work on the re-creation of ancient skies; also to Ferdinando Patat. Leo Regan and Martin Byrne read drafts of this article and made useful comments. A special thank you to Judith Winters and to the anonymous referee appointed by Internet Archaeology.

I am especially indebted to Robert Hensey for the use of his library and his invaluable and generous commentary over the course of this work.


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