[23 Michelsberg sites]
Fig. 11 The artefact composition of the 23 Michelsberg sites.

From top to bottom:

  • total number of artefacts (pale yellow)
  • number of different artefact types (dark yellow)
  • artefact assemblage, shown as raw counts per artefact type (orange)
  • artefact assemblage, shown as percentages per artefact type (purple)
  • artefact assemblage, shown as ranking value per artefact type, minimum tie (blue)
  • artefact assemblage, shown as progressive class values (red)
In each of the segment diagrams the following artefact types are presented, starting from the east in anti-clockwise direction:
  • triangular arrowhead with invasive surface retouch (DXH)
  • teardrop arrowhead (DRUP)
  • leaf-like arrowhead (BLAD)
  • pointed blade (SPIT)
  • macrolithic artefact (MAC)
  • scraper (KRB)
  • borer (BOR)
  • notch (NOT)
  • retouched blade or flake (RET)
  • axe (BYL)
  • pottery (AARD)
  • hammer stone (KLOP)
  • core (KERN)
  • other artefacts/debris (OVER)