How to query the database of flints

There are 386 records in the database, recorded by Caroline Wickham-Jones and Magnar Dalland using a standard classification and intially housed in an Access 7 database. The database has been transferred in its entirety to the Internet Archaeology web site and it is possible to retrieve data in a number of ways.

Intial Screen

When called in interactive mode (e.g. via the table of contents), the front end presents you with a query form that allows a choice of contexts and flint types. You can also alter the selection of fields (the default will give you thumbnail photos (Scale: 1 division = 1 cm), context code, quantity, broadtype, subtype and classification).

Query results are returned a table in which virtually all the cells contain hypertext links back to the database. For example, if the Classification field contains the term "Regular" then activating that link will return all the records where the Classification field has the value 'Regular'. This method only allows one field at a time to be queried but will allow nonsensical queries, such as all records for two flints.

To retrieve all records with the default fields selected, simply click on the 'Display selected records' button.

Full Screen mode

If the database is called from links from within the paper, then users are taken straight to a query results table. To return to the query form, select the 'New Search' link.