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More ID Find Type Secondary Find Type Generic Grouping Phase Layer Feature Burial Number
More 2049 Worked bone   Tools 2c J161    
More 1671 Worked bone   Tools 2c J251    
More 1669 Worked bone   Tools 3a J5    
More 1668 Worked bone   Tools 3 J309    
More 399 Worked bone   Tools 5b A575 ALG SK 212
More 2291 Worked bone   Tools   J198    
More 400 Worked bone   Tools 9 A4    
More 404 Worked bone   Tools 9 A14    
More 2290 Worked bone   Miscellaneous 5 J162    
More 397 Worked bone   Tools 9 A445 AJW  
More 401 Worked bone   Miscellaneous 9 A3    
More 403 Worked bone   Tools 9 A447 AJK  
More 402 Worked bone   Games and gaming 5b A115 AAP  
More 1670 Worked bone   Musical instrument 2c J209    
More 396 Worked bone   Book and casket fittings 9 A4    
More 406 Worked bone   Book and casket fittings 5c A592 ALJ/ALN SK 204/SK 210
More 398 Worked bone   Book and casket fittings 5b A16 AAF  
More 405 Worked bone   Book and casket fittings 5c A573    


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