This session is unstructured and alows you time to browse, explore and evaluate some of the different approaches taken to publishing archaeological datasets. As you browse, consider how any of these measure up against our'ideal' data publication elements i.e.

Data papers

Burdale: an Anglian settlement in the Yorkshire Wolds with associated data paper

The Cultural Evolution of Neolithic Europe. EUROEVOL Dataset 1: Sites, Phases and Radiocarbon Data

The Evolution of Rome's Maritime Facade: archaeology and geomorphology at Castelporziano (Data Paper)

ASKED - the Anglo-Saxon Kent Electronic Database

Ceramics and Society: Early Tana Tradition and the Swahili Coast (Data Paper)

Data publication

Petra Great Temple Excavations

West Stow West Zooarchaeology

Depicting the gods: metal figurines in Roman Britain - integrated database with links to PAS

Integrated publications (i.e. articles with links to underlying data in a digital archive)

Haldenby, D. and Richards, J.D. (2016) The Viking Great Army and its Legacy: plotting settlement shift using metal-detected finds, Internet Archaeology 42. - interactive map (interface created using Open Layers) allows readers to examine data and hypotheses

The Silchester Project: Roman Town Insula IX The Development of an Urban Property c. AD 40-50 - c. AD 250 and related IA publication

Heybridge: A late Iron Age and Roman settlement. Excavations at Elms Farm 1993-5. Volume 2 - stratigraphic descriptions and specialist reports with digital archive (and synthetic discussion in printed volume)

Developing a 3-D Digital Heritage Ecosystem: from object to representation and the role of a virtual museum in the 21st century note related ADS and tDAR digital archives

Visualising data

Joining the Dots: Continuous Survey, Routine Practice and the Interpretation of a Cypriot Landscape - online GIS and integrated data archive

Swords into Ploughshares: Archaeological Applications of CORONA Satellite Imagery in the Near East - comparative zoomable images

A New Record of Pre-Columbian Engravings in Urubici (SC), Brazil using Polynomial Texture Mapping - RTI visualisations and digital archive

A Unique Engraved Shale Pendant from the Site of Star Carr: the oldest Mesolithic art in Britain - RTI & 3D visualisations and 3D print file

Visualising the Guild Chapel, Stratford-upon-Avon: digital models as research tools in buildings archaeology

Walsh, K. et al. (2016) Interpreting the Rock Paintings of Abri Faravel: laser and white-light scanning at 2,133m in the southern French Alps, Internet Archaeology 42.

Further reading about publishing data

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